“Your mind is your most powerful tool. This book can help you chart a course for sharpening your critical thinking skills so you can make better decisions in all areas of life.”

Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind


“Critical thinking is the #1 skill required to build the workforce of tomorrow. Now You’re Thinking! is a valuable and very useful book that provides the tools and techniques required to make better decisions. With a heart-lifting and inspiring true story, this book guides you through the process of becoming an extraordinary thinker. This one delivers!”

Ed Reilly, President and CEO, American Management Association, International


“While writing The Speed of Trust it became clear to us that people would not trust others to lead them if they did not trust their thinking. If you read and apply the principles in this book, people will come to see you as a leader.”

Stephen M. R. Covey, author of The New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Speed of Trust


“A big part of being a leader is making decisions—but how often do we stop and think about our own decision-making processes? Using the unique backdrop of a real-life military, medical, and civilian team that effectively combined their intellect and courage to save a young Iraqi child’s life, the authors illustrate a five-step model we can all use to more effectively process our own thoughts toward successful decisions. This book is a must-read.”

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Full Steam Ahead!


“If you are striving to be better, faster, and different in life, to have more fulfillment and success, you need this book. A great primer to increase and enhance your thinking skills and processes.”

Harry Paul, coauthor of FISH! A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results


“Now You’re Thinking! will transform your thinking—and change your life!”

Marshall Goldsmith, author of The New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There


“With today’s shortened attention spans, texting, blogging, and instant gratification, the rational thinking skills in Now You’re Thinking! are more pertinent than ever. In the workplace, quick reactions and assumptions have resulted in industrial accidents. As a Navy veteran and lifelong learner, I believe this book has arrived at a critical time.”

Mike Miller, Vice President, Technology Transfer Services, Inc.


“We are currently going through a major upheaval that is impacting all of our lives. We can choose to be ‘masters of our fate’ or simply get swept along by the tides of change. If the choice is the former, a substantial upgrade of our critical thinking skills will be required. “Now You’re Thinking! is a rewarding and understandable read. No matter how successful you may be, this book will sharpen your decision-making skills. For those who may question their abilities, you will find the thinking exercises practical and usable. “You will be richer for the reading.”

Arne Carlson, Governor of Minnesota (1991–1999)


“This is a powerful book with a great message. It challenges the prevailing view that thinking skills can’t be developed, and it provides useful and practical guidance on how someone can improve the quality and effectiveness of their thinking.”

Stuart S. Crandell, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions, PDI Ninth House


“Most people come and go in Hollywood. Some stay, become icons, and enjoy lasting success. These are the ones who think differently. This is a book about how to think differently and how you can enjoy lasting success for yourself. It is also a great read.”

Rob Guralnick, former Executive Vice President, Production, Warner Brothers


“With its focus on enhancing critical thinking, Now You’re Thinking! is well timed to help students meet contemporary global challenges. Intensified labor competition requires improved intellectual preparation within a fully informed academic environment, and professors can respond with the tools offered within Now You’re Thinking! Everybody gains from the skills Now You’re Thinking! pinpoints. The more widely utilized this book becomes, the more the benefits will be widely distributed. “This is a book where everyone wins.”

Marcus Breen, Ph.D., Professor and Head of School, Communication, and Media, Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


“Now You’re Thinking! uses a compelling, real-life experience to highlight the tools each of us needs to become a better thinker. This book is a must-read for students of all ages!”

Bob Hipp, President, Pennridge Community Education Foundation, www.pennridgefoundation.org

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