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Critical Thinkers


Authors: Chad Fife, Breanne Harris, Heather Ishikawa, and Elizabeth Pauker

Good decision making and innovative thinking are coveted com- petencies in today’s world, but how do you develop the underlying skills? Through improved critical thinking, of course! Critical- guides you through the essentials of critical thinking, Pearson’s RED critical thinking model, and how to think critically in real life and in your job.

Critical Thinking in the Real World


Author: Janet Hinz

Learn about hot topics and the critical thinking necessary to address them through this blog and accompanying radio show.

3C Pearson Learning Solutions URL: Authors: Amy Rondinel and Sean Stowers

Follow key trends and topics in professional education and work- place skill development, including critical thinking. The primary focus is on executive development, online and blended learning, certification, and innovation in education.


Critical Thinking eBook


Author: Chad Fife and Scott Flander

Learn how the RED model helps you make good decisions and the five reasons to train employees to think critically. This eBook is aimed at professional development audiences.

Facebook Pages

Critical Thinkers Facebook Page


Connect and network with others who are interested in critical thinking. You can also check out the critical thinking groups on LinkedIn by searching “Critical Thinking in Business.”

Now You’re Thinking Facebook Page


Participate in the Now You’re Thinking Facebook Group and share information about Now You’re Thinking and additional resources available for continued learning.


Critical Thinking: No Longer Just a C-Suite Skill (Video)


Author: Ed Reilly, CEO, American Management Association

Business has changed and critical thinking and agility is required at all levels of the organization as decisions get pushed downstream. Learn how you can be prepared for the emerging workplace.

Critical Thinking: Today’s #1 Skill (Video)


Consultants and HR professionals discuss real-world critical thinking, why it’s today’s top workplace skill, and how to assess candidates with the Watson-GlaserTM Critical Thinking Appraisal.

Critical Thinking Video via YouTube

URL: (Search for “Critical Thinking

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