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Critical Thinkers


Authors: Chad Fife, Breanne Harris, Heather Ishikawa, and Elizabeth Pauker

Good decision making and innovative thinking are coveted com- petencies in today’s world, but how do you develop the underlying skills? Through improved critical thinking, of course! Critical- guides you through the essentials of critical thinking, Pearson’s RED critical thinking model, and how to think critically in real life and in your job.

Critical Thinking in the Real World


Author: Janet Hinz

Learn about hot topics and the critical thinking necessary to address them through this blog and accompanying radio show.

3C Pearson Learning Solutions URL: Authors: Amy Rondinel and Sean Stowers

Follow key trends and topics in professional education and work- place skill development, including critical thinking. The primary focus is on executive development, online and blended learning, certification, and innovation in education.


Critical Thinking eBook


Author: Chad Fife and Scott Flander

Learn how the RED model helps you make good decisions and the five reasons to train employees to think critically. This eBook is aimed at professional development audiences.

Facebook Pages

Critical Thinkers Facebook Page


Connect and network with others who are interested in critical thinking. You can also check out the critical thinking groups on LinkedIn by searching “Critical Thinking in Business.”

Now You’re Thinking Facebook Page


Participate in the Now You’re Thinking Facebook Group and share information about Now You’re Thinking and additional resources available for continued learning.


Critical Thinking: No Longer Just a C-Suite Skill (Video)


Author: Ed Reilly, CEO, American Management Association

Business has changed and critical thinking and agility is required at all levels of the organization as decisions get pushed downstream. Learn how you can be prepared for the emerging workplace.

Critical Thinking: Today’s #1 Skill (Video)


Consultants and HR professionals discuss real-world critical thinking, why it’s today’s top workplace skill, and how to assess candidates with the Watson-GlaserTM Critical Thinking Appraisal.

Critical Thinking Video via YouTube

URL: (Search for “Critical Thinking

Qualia Soup”)

Created by: Qualia Soup

Listen to a clear and concise overview of critical thinking and how it works in our lives.

Essentials Skills for 21st Century Workplace (Webcast)

URL: (Search for “Essentials Skills for 21st Century Workplace webcast”)

Authors: Edward Reilly, CEO American Management Association; Ken Kay, President Partnership for 21st Century Skills; and Charlie Kreitzberg, CEO Cognetics Corporation

Learn the key skills students and employees need to be successful in the twenty-first century workplace. The importance of critical thinking in the twenty-first century workplace is also highlighted.

Increasing Critical Thinking in the Workplace: The Raw Material of 21st Century Success (Webcast)

URL: (Search for “Increasing Critical Thinking in the Workplace”)

Author: Judy Chartrand, Consulting Chief Scientist, Pearson Talentlens; presented by

The Department of Labor identified critical thinking as the raw material that underlies fundamental workplace competencies, such as problem solving, decision making, planning, and risk man- agement. Learn how to assess critical thinking skills and how to build those skills in the workplace.


Critical Thinking Means Business whitepaper


Authors: Judy Chartrand, Heather Ishikawa, and Scott Flander

Learn to apply and develop the NEW #1 workplace skill using the RED model of critical thinking. This paper describes critical think- ing solutions for increasing organizational effectiveness, including a model for understanding and developing critical thinking. It also provides trainers with some specific techniques for developing critical thinking that can jump-start the process.

HR Executive—Thinking Critically

URL: (Search for “critical thinking”)

Success in today’s tight economy is defined by making the right decisions, solving the problems that truly impede success, and anticipating the trends that are redefining the competitive land- scape. Learn how selecting good critical thinkers will set a new bar for your organization’s performance.

Trends in Executive Development Survey (research)


Authors: Bonnie Hageman, CEO Executive Development Associates, and Judy Chartrand, Consulting Chief Scientist, Pearson TalentLens

Gain insight into the best practices, emerging needs, top priorities, and cutting-edge approaches to leadership and executive develop- ment. This longitudinal research describes how to accelerate the development of emerging leaders, why strategic thinking is a top skill gap and what to do about it, how to accelerate the develop- ment of emerging leaders, and what the future of executive devel- opment holds.

Harvesting Tomorrow’s Leaders: How Do You Recognize Your Top Talent and Groom Them for Leadership Positions?

URL: Harvesting-Tomorrows-Leaders.pdf

Authors: Jim Bolt, CEO Bolt Consulting, and Bonnie Hagemann, T&D, July 2009

Learn the steps organizations can take to identify and develop their high-potential talent and the signs to look for when someone is about to derail.


My Thinking Styles


Do your friends and family want to complete the My Thinking Styles assessment? Invite them to go to this site and complete a brief form of the assessment.

Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal II


Watson-GlaserTM is the gold standard for measuring critical think- ing and decision-making skills. The assessment is used worldwide by corporations, talent management consulting firms, and schools to select great managers, develop high-potential professionals and future leaders, and admit applicants into challenging programs. Learn how you can use this assessment in your organization.

Books for Professional Development

Successful Manager’s Handbook, 7th ed.

Susan Gebelein, Kristie Nelson-Neuhaus, Carol Skube, David Lee, Lisa Stevens, Lowell Hellervik, and Brian Davis. Minneapolis, MN: Personnel Decisions International Corporation, 2004.

ISBN: 093852920

A one-volume library filled with smart, practical ideas and sugges- tions that you can use immediately on the job. This is the place to turn when you need new ideas, have to get your team up to speed fast, or want to prepare for the next level in your career. The entire first section, Thought Leadership, is devoted to critical thinking.

Successful Executive’s Handbook

David Lee, Elaine Sloane, Kristie Nelson-Neuhaus, and Susan Gebelein. Minneapolis, MN: Personnel Decisions International Corporation, 1999.

ISBN: 0972577009

An essential tool for executives—and aspiring executives— whether they lead a Fortune 500 company or a small organization. Drawing from more than 30 years of research and work with exec- utives around the world, it provides business-relevant strategies for improving on-the-job performance and mentoring others. The Thinking and Strategic Management chapters address the critical thinking issues encountered by leaders.

FYI: For Your Improvement, A Guide for Development and Coaching (5th edition)

Michael Lombardo, and Robert Eichinger. Minneapolis, MN: Lominger International, 2009.

ISBN: 9781933578170

An easy-to-use development tool that features a chapter of action- able tips for each of 67 Leadership Architect® competencies, 19 career stallers and stoppers, and 7 global focus areas. The topics that relate to critical thinking include strategic skills, making com- plex decisions, and creating new and different opportunities.

Awaken, Align, Accelerate: A Guide to Great Leadership

Scott Nelson and Jason Ortmeier. Edina, MN: Beaver’s Pond Press, 2010.

ISBN: 9781592983551

A simple, yet powerful framework that invites leaders to embrace the challenge of developing in today’s current world. Filled with over 1,500 development suggestions and coaching tips, self- assessments, real-world case studies, and sample development plans, this unique guide is a valuable development asset for any leader. Features several chapters related to critical and strategic thinking.

Michael M. Lombardo (Author)

Visit Amazon’s Michael M. Lombardo page and find books, read about the author, and more.

Resources for Students

THINK Critically

Peter Facione. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall PTR, 2010.

ISBN: 0205738451

A cutting-edge, self-reflective guide for improving critical thinking skills through careful analysis and thoughtful evaluation of con- temporary culture and issues. Taking cues from everyday life— education, business, health sciences, social work, law, government policy issues, and current events—THINK Critically bridges the principles of critical thinking with real-world application.

Critical Thinking: Consider the Verdict, 5th Edition

Bruce N. Waller. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2011.

Organized around lively and authentic examples drawn from jury trials, contemporary political and social debate, and advertising, this introduction shows students how to detect fallacies and how to examine and construct cogent arguments. Accessible and reader friendly—yet thorough and rigorous—it shows how to integrate all logic skills into the critical decision-making process.

Becoming a Better Critical Thinker: A User Friendly Manual, 6th edition.

Sherry Diestler. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2011.

ISBN: 0132413132

This book trains students to distinguish high-quality, well-sup- ported arguments from arguments with little or no evidence to support them. It develops the skills required to effectively evaluate the many claims facing them as citizens, learners, consumers, and human beings, and also to be effective advocates for their beliefs.

Now You’re Thinking about Career Success

Judy Chartrand, Stewart Emery, Russ Hall, Heather Ishikawa, and John Maketa. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, 2011.

Prepare for a successful career. Learn how to use thinking skills to differentiate yourself from other job candidates and give yourself a competitive advantage. Know how to step into the job and per- form with confidence by using your thinking skills.

Now You’re Thinking about Student Success

Judy Chartrand, Stewart Emery, Russ Hall, Heather Ishikawa, and John Maketa. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, 2011.

Learn how to successfully navigate through school and into a rewarding career. Use a new model for thinking and a series of relevant questions to help you organize your thoughts to meet the challenges of school.

The Re-Discovery of Common Sense: A Guide to Critical Thinking

Chuck Clayton. Bloomington, IN: iUniverse, Inc., 2007.

ISBN: 0595437087

Teach yourself critical thinking skills with this practical guide. You will learn concepts, methods, and resources to make informed decisions, complete tasks quickly and effectively, shop smarter, and create a fun life for yourself.

Critical Thinking Skills Success in 20 Minutes a Day

Lauren Starkey. New York, NY: Learning Express, LLC, 2004.

ISBN: 1576855082

Become an effective critical thinker in just 20 minutes a day! Whether at work, at school, or at home, critical thinking skills are essential for success. Learning to think critically will improve your decision-making and problem-solving skills, giving you the tools you need to tackle the tough decisions and choices you face.

My Thinking Lab


MyThinkingLab is a series of online courses that accompany Pearson’s textbooks. This resource engages students in active learning—it’s modular, self-paced, accessible anywhere with Web access, and adaptable to each student’s learning style—and instructors can easily customize MyThinkingLab to better meet their students’ needs.


Critical Thinking University

Pearson TalentLens

This is an online learning environment that enables participants to develop and apply critical thinking skills in the workplace. The foundation is the three dimensions of the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal II (RED). Learners develop their skills through a sequence of interactive activities built around real-world situations. Social learning tools provide self-directed learning, feedback, and coaching. The result is a personalized experience that leads to better problem solving and decision making in an increasingly complex business world.

Length: Training on-demand

Tel: 888.298.6227


Critical Thinking Boot Camp

Pearson TalentLens/Executive Development Associates

This is an onsite workshop to train employees to think critically. As the “boot camp” name suggests, attendees will be immersed in an intensive, three-phase development process focused on learn- ing practical skills. Each attendee will gain a “Masters-level” under- standing of critical thinking and the tools to take their decision making to the next level, with 74 percent reporting they actually apply their new skills on the job.

Length: 2 days

Tel: 888.298.6227


Critical Thinking Seminar #2533

American Management Association

This two-day public workshop provides hands-on experience with a battery of practical tools (including the Watson-Glaser® Critical Thinking II Development Report) to help you make critical think- ing an indispensable part of your skill set. You’ll find out things you didn’t know about yourself and make discoveries that can lit- erally change your life. Instead of concentrating on theories, you’ll be working with an expert instructor to get comfortable with a concrete set of tools. You’ll then be ready to benefit from your new skills immediately when you return to your job.

Length: 2 days

Tel: 877.566.9441


Advanced Critical Thinking Seminar #2228

American Management Association

This course will give you two full days to practice applying a critical thinking model to the situational challenges you encounter in your own organization. Working through a series of practical cases, you will explore the impact that corporate culture, competing priorities, globalization, technology, and diverse communication styles have on critical thinking. You’ll learn strategies and tactics for effectively navigating complex problem solving and decision making and become better prepared to take appropriate action in each situation. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to apply the critical thinking process you’ve learned to a specific challenge you’re facing at work and receive feedback from your instructor and peers to improve your effectiveness.

Length: 2 days

Tel: 877.566.9441



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